The Air Game


If you were a Warrior Without Weapons 2007, you would know I am not exagerating when I say this group was very verbal. Gosh we could talk! In the Fire Councils we inaugurated the tradition of translating the words in the languages of all people present, including the dialects. That’s why the story I am about to tell you moved me so much.

The night before the air game, I was tired… I looked for a light, thin, small bamboo, to make my flute… I don’t remember who helped me out, but I sure had some help to make my only flute, maybe that’s why I had the time to observe the ability of Bane, who made many and distributed them among those with less ability, or as tired as I was.

If you knew me (but only if you knew me really well), you would know I love to walk in the woods, especially if we are talking about going up hills and mountains, I love to go up high – I have to say that this feature of mine relies under layers of inertia, a sedentary life and God knows what else.

That explains why I was so happy in the air game day… that’s why I didn’t feel tired, I didn’t fear the snakes, and I didn’t notice the guide explaining the orchids… I was in touch with my inner world, with the exuberance of the woods outside, with the proximity of the blue sky, with Manu’s smile… In this day we talked – Manu and I – we got closer to each other, I remember well.

The highest point of the day for me was when, after we got to go around the circle 7 times – sounds a lot now – blowing our bamboo flutes, kaka asked if anyone had anything to say. I searched in the place where I usually find my words and they were not there… so I went a little deeper, where I search the words for special moments… nothing! I went even deeper, in a place inside were I rarely go and where, usually, what I find there is not easy to verbalize; this place was still full, but quiet… a warm and cozy silence. I stood there enjoying this moment, till I realized no one… I mean NOT EVEN A SOUL had anything to share.

Immediately I knew something was going on, I can’t say it was magic, but certainly special. And it was happening for all of us.

After that, Kaka explained that the game we just played “cleaned” a generation of words of our minds, every time we completed a round around the circle. End boy, we completed many! He also mentioned that the slight torpor we felt in our mouths would help us to think more before speaking, and speak more from our hearts.

This game really got me… every now and then I remember it, and try to keep my mouth connected to my heart… It is not easy… not at all! But trying fells kind of good.


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