Sewing In family

It was a lot of fun to sew with my beloved nieces. We used two tutorials from the internet and look what we did in two days!

Katia’s bag, was a lot like her: she made a plan and followed it! She was done at least three hours before Margot and I.

We had a lot of help from the internet, from people who happily share their insights and experience through great tutorials. I am so grateful for that!

We agreed to make drawings of how we would like our bags to look like, and after that we chose among the fabric options and got started.

We found a great tutorial that helped a lot here, and Katia’s bag was the first.

 For Margot’s bag we used the same tutorial (here), plus some details in the bojagi from Korea. I am in love with the technique I’ve seen in the book Bojagi and Beyond.  Pay attention to the little triangles, they are used on marriage bojagis, we found them so lovely I’ve used it in another project and Margot gave it try on her bag.

 The bag I made is totally reversible, and I made it for Lia. I used the tutorial from here and the inspiration for the embroidery is from the book Sacndinavian Stiches – Kajsa Wikman

And then I worked together with Margot to create a bag as a gift for a bar mitzvah.That was not the end of our production. I made one more bag, but didn’t have the time to take pictures… I hope I learn how to make the bags look better in the pictures, sorry about that!

It has never been so much fun to sew before, thanks to my adorable nieces!


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