Where is my luggage?

The Vacations where just great, but the hability of American Airlines to deal with their costumers belongs is way bellow my expectation… So today after arriving home with only my purse, I called them in Brazil and US to find information, the only thing I got where excuses and a polite way to say we don’t know and we couldn’t care less.

I wonder if there are other people out there who had American Airlines acting the same way, plase let me know, I’d love to hear your comments.

Here you’ll find the message I sent them:


Vacation should be all about relaxation right? Not with American Airlines.

Although my agent advised me not to fly with this company, I did. My fault! So, within a period of two weeks, American Airlines lost my luggage twice. I do understand that it is hard job, and requires a lot of organization and competence, in my opinion American Airlines lacks both. Not only because hey lost the luggage, but because by now, twelve hours after my luggage didn’t make it to the next flight (together with the luggage of all passengers coming from L.A. to São Paulo), the company is not able to give a reasonable answer about the location of the luggage. Now, last time – two weeks ago – the company said it would take 24 hours to locate my belongs, and it took 5 days! I received not but lame excuses and got the impression that this company really don’t care, at all, about costumers.
So, now, let’s check on the new situation when ALL my luggage didn’t arrive, including my daughters car seat and other items I’ll need tomorrow to make our lives functional. All my books, clothes, shoes, gifts, my sewing machine(!)… What next? I don’t trust at all they will be able to deliver the luggage here tomorrow, why? I wonder if there are more people in the same situation I am, and thats why I am publishing this on my blog, and inviting other people to express themselves about similar problems with America Airlines. I hope to hear from AA something more than apologies, seriously it doesn’t help at all!



6 thoughts on “Where is my luggage?

  1. Sei que é cansativo e chato, mas acho que você poderia reclamar seus direitos
    e solicitar compensações financeiras…talvez esta linguagem a AA entenda..

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