Say something nice!

I just ran into the Improv everywhere missions in the internet, and I have to say I love it!

There is something about breaking the routine in public spaces… In my opinion it gets us individually, but also it connect us with each other and for a instant there is a “we” and it fulfills some essential and basic needs of human beings: connection, belonging, enjoying life… together!

So, basically thats why I loved these two “missions”.

Say something nice is just beautiful, I’d love to be there to say something, and I’d stay a while, just to listen to people. My favorite are the compliment to the lady with the umbrella, and the “happy birthday” which actually got a response.

Came on! Meeting Princess Leah in the subway would be soooo much fun! It would be hard though to let the soldiers to take her without a fight!

Have a nice day, have fun, and if you are in NYC look around for some action:


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